Tips For The Perfect Roast From Our Top Chefs

Tips For The Perfect Roast From Our Top Chefs

Looking to prepare The Perfect Roast? here are some useful tips from our Top Chefs at The Celtic Manor Resort.

Tips From Our Top Chefs

Flavour is everything
Keep it simple, use fresh seasonal vegetables and never compromise on the quality of your meat

Crunch time
Roast your potatoes and parsnips in the same tray as the meat, the fat will crisp them up perfectly

Don’t peek too soon!
Pre-heat the oil or fat in your Yorkshire pudding tray before adding the batter, and don’t open the oven door while they are cooking, however tempting!

Gorgeous gravy
Simply boil the juices from your meat, thicken with flour and add a little left over cooking liquid from your vegetables (it’s the perfect natural stock)

Give it some space
Never carve your meat straight out of the oven, allow it to rest a while so all that succulent juicy flavour stays inside.