7 Steps to HD Brow Heaven

7 Steps to HD Brow Heaven

Ever wondered how celebrities manage to get those perfectly formed eyebrows? The secret is High Definition Brows – the treatment that defines your natural beauty in 7 unique steps…


1. Preparation – Preparing all specialist tools and the HD Brow work station

2. Consultation – Consulting with the client to create their ideal shape. Discussion with the client includes colour, thickness, and how desired outcome will be realistically achieved. 

3. Customer blend colouring – Tinting the clients brow to desired and suitable colour.  

4. Design the shape – Correct measurements taken in line with the client’s facial proportion and features for optimal shape

5. Create the shape – Waxing and threading to remove and define the brow.   

6. Tailor the shape – Finalising the shape with tweezing and HD make-up finish to leave the finished HD Brow. 

7. Aftercare – Client given aftercare to maintain the look at home or recommended products for their re-growth program.


Now available at Forum Spa, Celtic Manor, let our experts tweeze, thread, wax and tint to give you the perfectly groomed brows of your dreams.

Prices from £35 for a 50 min treatment. Find out more.